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Carbon removal & Climate policy


About Robert

Robert Höglund is an advisor in carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and climate impact. He manages the charitable Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund, co-founded the CDR market overview, works with the NGO Carbon Gap, and writes reports and articles on carbon removal and corporate climate contributions. He is also a member of the EU Expert Group on Carbon Removals (observer status), and of the Science-based Target Initiative's (SBTi) Technical Advisory Group.

Robert previously headed Oxfam Sweden's policy and communications team where he authored the discussion paper 
Removing carbon now. He also founded the Climate goal initiative, a network of organizations pushing Sweden to adopt a consumption-based climate target and sits on the board of the research project Mistra sustainable consumption.

Book a carbon removal webinar

A fully customizable 1-6 hour webinar going into detail of the different removal methods available, as well as the market and policy landscape around them. The webinar is available for companies to book and has been held for international banks, energy companies, consultancies, engineering companies, CDR practitioners and others. See the content in the slides below.


Robert writes regularly about carbon removal, climate policy and carbon markets and is a top writer at

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Policy reports 

Robert writes policy papers on net-zero, consumption based emissions and carbon removal. He works on an ongoing basis with the think-tank Carbon Gap on report writing. 

See Roberts publications on Research Gate

Advisory services

Robert gives advice around policy for carbon removal and consumption-based emissions, give insights into removal methods and markets and how they fit into net-zero strategies.
Robert works with Milkywire to manage the Climate transformation fund, a cutting-edge portfolio of climate projects within carbon removal, nature restoration, and decarbonization, selected with the aim to create as much impact as possible. The fund is open for companies and individuals to support. 


Robert is one of the co-founders of, a database of all known purchases of durable carbon removal. 


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